Phillips after 5- White Party and Richard Pousette-Dart

Last night I attended my first Phillips After 5 event. This particular evening was themed a "white party" ( a joint venture with The Pinkline Project ) in honor of the special exhibition currently on display at the Phillips.  The exhibition features paintings by Richard Pousette-Dart that are primarily white.  It seems that these particular paintings … Continue reading Phillips after 5- White Party and Richard Pousette-Dart

Museum Thursday- Portraiture Now: Communities

This is going to be a quick post as I took my lunch to take a spin through this exhibition to get you a museum thursday post, which I know all of you await with bated breath weekly.  This weeks post is on Portraiture Now¦ Communities, currently on exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery until … Continue reading Museum Thursday- Portraiture Now: Communities

Museum Thursday- Marc Roman ‘Veritas Obscura’

With two days left of the show I thought I'd take a moment to review this exhibition.  It's been a busy month for me.  note to self: 6 week summer courses are very time consuming.  And of course if you have been keeping up with the blog I started an internship a few weeks ago, … Continue reading Museum Thursday- Marc Roman ‘Veritas Obscura’

Museum Thursday- inSPIRATion

In honor of our opening which is this Saturday this weeks #MT will be on the inSPIRATion show at the Katzen Museum.  At the moment it is still going through its final installation phases but everything is looking fantastic.  Pieces are going up on the walls the artists are pitching in on the installation.  It's … Continue reading Museum Thursday- inSPIRATion

Happy Earth Day!

So today is Earth Day and I will more than likely be on my computer all day sucking up loads of energy, but what else can you do with a paper due on Monday. Speaking of paper, unfortunately the fact that I do have a paper due and the semester is winding down I am … Continue reading Happy Earth Day!

Museum Thursday (4/8)- Christo and Jeanne Claude- Remembering the Running Fence

It seems that I am about a week behind in posting about certain exhibitions.  The Smithsonian American Art Museum is currently hosting a Christo exhibiiton. Last Thursday I had the honor of participating in a series of events for the opening of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Remembering the Running Fence exhibition beginning with a dinner in … Continue reading Museum Thursday (4/8)- Christo and Jeanne Claude- Remembering the Running Fence

Museum Thursday 4/1/10

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Currently one of their special exhibitions is Tim Burton. Now I have been waiting to see this exhibition since it arrived in NYC. The last time I was in the city they were sold out for time … Continue reading Museum Thursday 4/1/10

New York New York

This is gonna be a quick one Oh how I love this city. I headed up friday afternoon with a friend of mine. It was a short trip, we were scheduled to head back down Saturday afternoon. Friday night we saw The Addams Family with Nathan Lane. It was super cute, extremely funny and had … Continue reading New York New York

Museum Thursday

Museum Thursdays are back!  The winter snow has melted away leaving beautiful 70 degree weather in its wake.  Which means, being out and about is much more tempting that it was during the winter months.  Yesterday I spent my first thursday in a while at The Phillips Collection.  They are currently hosting The Georgia O'Keefe: … Continue reading Museum Thursday