Museum Thursday- Marc Roman ‘Veritas Obscura’

With two days left of the show I thought I’d take a moment to review this exhibition.  It’s been a busy month for me.  note to self: 6 week summer courses are very time consuming.  And of course if you have been keeping up with the blog I started an internship a few weeks ago, so between the two my free time has been spent…well… asleep if I’m being honest.  I’m doing a lot on the social media front for my organization, and I’m absolutely loving it.  But more on that in another post.  This one is about Marc Roman’s Veritas Obsura.

I was made aware of this exhibition a few months ago during the installation of inSPIRATion.  One of the preparators who hung my piece Cinderella told me that he was about to install his own show at Flashpoint the following week.  It took me a few weeks to make it down to the space but when I did what I was met with was a plethora of bizarrely constructed collage like paintings.  To be fair Marc did warn me that the show was a bit crazy incorporating science fiction with real science and everything in between. I had no idea what I was in for.

His work explores the evolution of scientific technology and the theory of relativity.  Looking at conspiracy theory intertwined with hard science.  The pieces themselves are  are canvas coated in thick layers of resin to give them a 3 dimensional aspect.  The resin coating somehow enhances the sci-fi feeling of the works, perhaps adding a comic book like feel the them.  and indeed these images are reminiscent of comic book culture.  Most of the pieces are in black and white but one image on the far gallery wall is a massive piece that is in color.  Each piece incorporates images, text, and scientific formulas.  Walking through the gallery space you are transported to an era of alien invasions and rocket missions to the stars, and other inventions and discoveries that surely prompted the science fiction flicks.

Definitely an interesting exhibition that leaves the viewer with a lot to think about.  I’m still wrapping my head around the show 3 weeks later.  A must see for sure!


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