Worn Magazine-Where Art and Style Collide

Last night I attended the “Scotch Hop” Rooftop Party for Worn Magazine.  Upon arrival I was met with more dapper looking gentlemen than I think I have seen in the district thus far, and the ladies were looking pretty smart as well.  In attendance were many of the young movers and shakers of the DC art scene.

A self proclaimed DC fashion and art magazine whose mission is to “bring a greater awareness of local fashion and art to the District and to the nation,” Worn Magazine does not disappoint, bringing the art and style of the District into one stunning 25 page spread.  It’s first issue “never out of season” features an article on DC street artist Alicia Cosnahan better known as DECOY as well as two large fashion spreads and an interview with the “super stylish gents at Restaurant Marvin,” Sheldon Scott and Lukas Smith.

Editor Nicole Aguirre received a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities to produce the spring/summer issue and has run with it.   The magazine itself is larger than your average magazine adding to it’s unique quality and allowing each page to incorporate the art of style and the style of art.

As DC becomes the new young city Worn Magazine offers the District a unique platform through which to express this.  While images of The Hill and a ‘strictly politics’ view of our nation’s capitol dominates public opinion, those of us who live here know better.  We see the city as the center of a new and young art scene.  As arts organizations continue to struggle with funding and recognition as a space for public spending, we in the art world look to new ways of legitimizing the arts.  We have organizations like Americans for the Arts who use statistical analysis to lobby congress for funding, we have researchers who explore developmental impacts of the arts on communities.  The arts are creating new ways of quantifying and qualifying the arts.  Worn Magazine has an opportunity to add to this movement by exposing the artistic nature of this city.  Wrapped up in its mission statement Worn states ” we believe that creativity has the power to bring people together, showcasing commonality rather than differences, through our partnerships with local artists and businesses, we strive to make DC a more art- and style-conscious city.”

DC is not just the home of the president, it is also home to an ever evolving art community that continues to grow in size and influence with each day.

You can purchase Worn Magazine at local coffee shops such as Mid City Caffe or on the Worn Magazine website.


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