Big Thoughts

When was the last time you sat with a thought? Breathing in a stillness of concentrated contemplation. Repeated the thought silently in your head. Resisted the urge to reach for your phone to check new likes on Instagram. Mechanically scrolling through an endless stream of other peoples pictures and thoughts. Double tapping on a beach … Continue reading Big Thoughts



Show me something breathtaking Dream me something impossible See me reach for something wonderful Inspire me to do Gather me up something brilliant Collect all my farfetched dreams They'll sparkle and shine in the pitch black Inspire me to see Fill the universe with wishes plenty A few dozen trillion will do I've filled all … Continue reading InspireMe


It's officially 2014, which means:It's the last year that I can say "I'm in my Twenties." But that's OK because what I've learned over the last year is that 30 is something that I am very much looking forward to. And as much as I thought I needed to be a "grown-up" by the time … Continue reading 2014

Upon Further Reflection

It's always about the music.  My heart and soul lies in musical theater, Sondheim will forever be the most brilliant composer and lyricist of all time, Les Miserables will always bring me to tears as soon as the overture begins, and theatre will continue to be amplified by the musical choices made by it's directors.  … Continue reading Upon Further Reflection

Black Watch

  You know those moments when it just makes sense, when you've stumbled upon the thing that breathes life into your universe, the very thought of it can raise the little hairs on your arm and send a jolt like electricity through you.  These moments are small,  often quiet, and a bit contained, they are … Continue reading Black Watch

The Arts and Everything Else

This has been an interesting, and at times challenging period in my life. Having finished writing my Thesis last December, I decided to take some well earned time off. Time off for me meant traveling, literally, to the other side of the Earth. Exhausted from the bear that is writing, I needed to take some … Continue reading The Arts and Everything Else


Fridays are #artsmgtchat days.  I recent discovery of mine within the twitterverse.  Each week presents new topics facing arts organizations these days.  The first week I participated we were talking about social media and arts advocacy.  While I sometimes question if all the chatter will motivate us to get out there and implement the ideas … Continue reading #ARTSMGTCHATart

Symphony Remix

Last friday's #artsmgtchat was focused on symphonies and their place within Millennial lifestyles (essentially).  One question asked us "As an arts consumer+arts manager, what are some of the major barriers to symphony orchestras+classical music?" Now my focus is not in classical or orchestral music, but I do enjoy it. I spent much of my youth … Continue reading Symphony Remix