New York New York

This is gonna be a quick one

Oh how I love this city. I headed up friday afternoon with a friend of mine. It was a short trip, we were scheduled to head back down Saturday afternoon. Friday night we saw The Addams Family with Nathan Lane. It was super cute, extremely funny and had some good music. I felt like the music was lacking a certain something that made me say “WOW” but other than that it was fantastic.
We ate at Otto on 5th which was delicious!

Saturday we woke up in the morning and headed to MoMA for a little Tim Burton and Picasso, not together of course, although after walking through Tim Burton I think some of his sketches would have fit nicely with the Picasso’s ( More on both exhibits in the next week). Since I skipped Museum Thursday this week in anticipation of Saturday I will post them for this coming weeks Museum Thursday post. Needless to say they were both great shows each in their own way.

I need to begin thinking about an upcoming paper that will compare US cultural policy with that of another country. I think that I’ll be writing about Australian Aboriginal issues as they compare with US Native American policies. Basically I am taking on a beast of a paper, so we shall see how this all turns out. Luckily already have research completed regarding aboriginal arts so it’s just a matter of adding to that body of knowledge.

in summation- NYC was fantastic as always… Now back to the real world


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