Sunday Slow Down- They only wish they could still remember…

"There's an unshakable conviction within every adolescent-- including the adolescent who lurks inside every adult-- that love, your particular love, is more important than anything else.  Grownups, tired and jaded and mind-controlled beings that they are, will try to tell you otherwise, that it's not the end of the world, but don't trust them.  They're … Continue reading Sunday Slow Down- They only wish they could still remember…


International Organizations

Today I begin my first summer class of graduate school, and not only is it a summer course but it is online. I have never taken an online class before so this should be a whole new experience. The class is International Organizations through the School of International Service. This is part of the certificate … Continue reading International Organizations

Sunday Slow Down

"States and Nationhood" Fletcher Crossman So this is the first Sunday Slow Down and in honor of our successful opening last night, I wanted to use another one of Fletcher Crossman's paintings. So here's what I want from you guys.  I want Sunday Slowdown's to be interactive so rather than have me comment on the … Continue reading Sunday Slow Down

Less that 1 week till my Opening!

This semester I have been taking a Curatorial Practice class with Jack Rasmussen the Katzen Museum curator.  Our semester project has been to put together from the bottom up a jointly curated exhibition.  Each student will be curating an individual show within the overall exhibition.  It has been an awesome experience. The opening is May … Continue reading Less that 1 week till my Opening!

Ireland here I come

I hope. Tonight begins my serious attempt at comandeering an internship in Ireland. Since I will not be heading to Australia my summer has just opened up pretty significantly, and since I haven't heard back from any of the internships I applied for here, why not try the longshots. I mean American was my long … Continue reading Ireland here I come

Bye Bye Australia

so due to funding, or lack there of, we will not be going to Australia to present at the 2010 International Conference on the Arts in Society.  Last November I, along with 3 fellow graduate students and 2 professors, submitted a proposal to the International Journal of Arts and Society to present at their annual … Continue reading Bye Bye Australia

Happy Earth Day!

So today is Earth Day and I will more than likely be on my computer all day sucking up loads of energy, but what else can you do with a paper due on Monday. Speaking of paper, unfortunately the fact that I do have a paper due and the semester is winding down I am … Continue reading Happy Earth Day!

New Link Category

Hey folks I have added a new link category..."Fashion & Culture" I've been having a lot of discussions lately regarding fashion and started thinking about how fashion really can be art. I followed a comment to "The Multiverse's Blog" (which you can find a link to if you scroll down just a bit further) and … Continue reading New Link Category

Such Tweet Sorrow

So I realize I'm a little late to the blogging-about-this-table but in anticipation of next week's cultural policy class topic, which is Integration and Participation in the arts, I would like to take a moment to talk about Such Tweet Sorrow. For those of you who haven't spoken to me in the last week and … Continue reading Such Tweet Sorrow