Bye Bye Australia

so due to funding, or lack there of, we will not be going to Australia to present at the 2010 International Conference on the Arts in Society.  Last November I, along with 3 fellow graduate students and 2 professors, submitted a proposal to the International Journal of Arts and Society to present at their annual conference on the arts and society.  Our proposal was accepted and we began the task of searching for financial support for travel to the conference, which will be held in Sydney, Australia this year.  Unfortunately all of our work had led to somewhat of a dead end.  The University does not have the funds to pay for our trip there, nor have we had much luck with outside sources either.  As a majority of us are graduate students, we are unable to afford the trip ourselves.  So the opportunity to present live at an international conference is pretty much over.  We do have the option of submitting our paper as well as creating a Youtube video of our presentation which can be submitted to the conference, but will not be viewed in Sydney.  This will more than likely be the road we choose to take, as having a paper published by an international journal would be an amazing accomplishment in and of itself.  I only wish that we would be able to be at the conference, to experience that environment and be able to sit in on the other presentations that will be going on over the 3 day period.  Plus who wouldn’t want to go to Australia


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Australia

  1. So sad…
    It’s a shame that the university doesn’t follow through on all that talk about supporting their students. I mean, come on – even a short letter of congratulations would have been nice! I feel like at American University so often the red tape and bureaucratic nonsense of academia keeps the administration from seeing the bigger picture…

    1. Since this was posted, I’ve heard a better explanation, and an acknowledgement that the process could have been better. I think there is reason to believe in better possibilities (if the cost is less) in the near future…but I do think they missed a good bet here. Koalas are scary anyway, and crocodiles will bite your hands off, so maybe a safer country would be a better choice.

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