Happy Earth Day!

So today is Earth Day and I will more than likely be on my computer all day sucking up loads of energy, but what else can you do with a paper due on Monday.

Speaking of paper, unfortunately the fact that I do have a paper due and the semester is winding down I am unable to make it out to a museum for MuseumThursday. Sadness.  But next week we will resume post as usual.  Instead I though it might be interesting to hear from you all.  Every week I write about a museum or gallery that I visited and focus on a specific exhibition, but I want to know what you all have been seeing lately.  So if you would be so gracious leave a comment for me about a great show that you have been to recently.  This also allows me an opportunity to get some insights into what’s going on in the city or country or abroad (if I have any overseas followers yet).

I’m in the home stretch…two more weeks and then I’m home free….well until my summer class starts up but you know what I mean.

additionally I have some posts that have been sitting on the back burner so hopefully I can get those finished and up soon.

Oh and before I forget if you live in the DC area check out inSPIRATion facebook page and follow us on Twitter.  This is a student curated show at the Katzen Art Museum at American University

Thanks everyone for supporting this blog, I’ve been getting quite a few hits lately and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

image credits: http://freshstartrecycling.files.wordpress.com


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