Museum Thursday- Ivuka Arts Kigali

In 2007 Collin Sekajugo, a native Rwandan and artist in his own right, opened the Ivuka Arts Center in Kigali, Rwanda.  In a country where arts centers are unheard of Sekajugo's mission is to "use art to change lives" Ivuka means "rebirth" and it truly is a rebirth for the arts in Rwanda.  The Center has … Continue reading Museum Thursday- Ivuka Arts Kigali


The Art of Rwanda

As a "let's jump headfirst into this summer session" my International Organizations class started with a case study on the Rwandan genocide of the early 90's.  Needless to say this is not a light topic to begin a semester with, but perhaps it was the perfect way to get us really thinking about the course … Continue reading The Art of Rwanda

Museum Thursday- inSPIRATion

In honor of our opening which is this Saturday this weeks #MT will be on the inSPIRATion show at the Katzen Museum.  At the moment it is still going through its final installation phases but everything is looking fantastic.  Pieces are going up on the walls the artists are pitching in on the installation.  It's … Continue reading Museum Thursday- inSPIRATion

Museum Thursday- Bart O’Reilly: Old Lines from the Luminous State

It's back It's back.  Museum Thursday, which was on hiatus last week due to paper writing mayhem, is back and in full force.  I feel energized and ready to finish off this semester with a bang.  One in which I hope will end in the procurement of a certain internship from a certain Irish arts … Continue reading Museum Thursday- Bart O’Reilly: Old Lines from the Luminous State

Ireland here I come

I hope. Tonight begins my serious attempt at comandeering an internship in Ireland. Since I will not be heading to Australia my summer has just opened up pretty significantly, and since I haven't heard back from any of the internships I applied for here, why not try the longshots. I mean American was my long … Continue reading Ireland here I come

Indigenous Art Market

Paper is finished! Semester is almost over! One Final UNESCO simulation and One Financial Management exam and then I am homefree, for a few weeks at least. At the moment I am sitting in bed with my computer, iTunes library on shuffle, getting ready to start researching the Cultural Policy practices for Brazil, and to … Continue reading Indigenous Art Market

New Link Category

Hey folks I have added a new link category..."Fashion & Culture" I've been having a lot of discussions lately regarding fashion and started thinking about how fashion really can be art. I followed a comment to "The Multiverse's Blog" (which you can find a link to if you scroll down just a bit further) and … Continue reading New Link Category

Museum Thursday: Pablo Picasso at MoMA

Too much to do....lady's got a paper due in about 2 weeks so all of my free time is being devoted to getting through class readings and alas I am not able to get to an actual museum today.  However I have an exhibition that has been waiting in the throngs to be discussed … Continue reading Museum Thursday: Pablo Picasso at MoMA

Arts Management Institute Roundtable

At the beginning of the week I attended the Arts Management Institute at the Kennedy Center.  While it was very informative and composed of arts professionals from all over the world the one hour that they appropriated for the conference was far from being enough time.  The moderator informed us at the beginning of the … Continue reading Arts Management Institute Roundtable