The Art of Rwanda

As a “let’s jump headfirst into this summer session” my International Organizations class started with a case study on the Rwandan genocide of the early 90’s.  Needless to say this is not a light topic to begin a semester with, but perhaps it was the perfect way to get us really thinking about the course subject.  We could have started with a history of the major IO’s or a theory behind them, but this has allowed, me anyway, a real life example of the complexities of conflict and international communities.  Let’s just say it’s been an intense couple of days, reading about all the things that should have, could have or would have been done had certain actors chosen to become more involved.  As this is an online course we were asked to write a short bio about ourselves.  Mine consisted of my usual Arts Management with a heavy dose of Anthropology, and how I seek to find how the arts can be integrated into my SIS classes.  Well finding the art in the middle of a mass genocide campaign can be difficult.

That being said I still want to spend the next 6 weeks incorporating my background into this class.  So in attempt to find that harmony I have decided that each week I will try to incorporate posts relating to IOs along with the arts.

So this week will be all things Rwandan.  I’ll still maintain the usual weekly Museum Thursday post, but perhaps I can find something that correlates to this weeks region of discussion.  I have already begun looking into the arts in Rwanda.  Rather than give you one really long blog post about this I will break it up into smaller posts.

Hope you enjoy!

image credits: Ivuka Arts Kigali


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