The Dreamtime Story of the Three Brothers

The Dreamtime story of the Three Brothers Three brothers go on walkabout in the Australian wilderness one evening. While on their spiritual journey, all three brothers are killed by a witch. The spirits of the brothers slay the witch with a boomerang. The witch transforms into a billabong, and the brothers turn into the three … Continue reading The Dreamtime Story of the Three Brothers


Arts Management Institute Roundtable

At the beginning of the week I attended the Arts Management Institute at the Kennedy Center.  While it was very informative and composed of arts professionals from all over the world the one hour that they appropriated for the conference was far from being enough time.  The moderator informed us at the beginning of the … Continue reading Arts Management Institute Roundtable

Art and Culture

This probably should have been my first post, but I have been doing a little shifting around of blog spaces which has led me to transplant some old blogs onto this new site.  The whole point of this blog is to explore the intersection of the arts and culture.  For those of us not immersed … Continue reading Art and Culture