We Write Frankly and Fearlessly…

… but then we modify before we print.

Mark Twain understood more about the human condition than most.  He understood what it meant to be a child, to see the world for all the wonder that it holds, but also to realize that the wonder is hidden behind everything else.  I’ve been grasping at straws to find that magic again.  The real world seems to keep it heavily shrouded.  Maybe that’s why I’m here, searching desperately for something that I can’t quite see, hoping to find inspiration in the smallest of things.  While here I am keeping a personal journal, and lately that’s where all of my words have been going.  We write frankly and fearlessly.  But not all of that can go here.  And so the blogs have been farther between over the last few weeks.  As I try to work out what it is I’m trying to work out I’m leaving the words on the physical page. but then we modify before we print. I’ll have something to say soon, I know.  but for now it’s all, effectively, in my head.

so until I get those creative juices flowing again i’ll leave you with this lovely image from my travels in Thailand


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