Upon Further Reflection

It's always about the music.  My heart and soul lies in musical theater, Sondheim will forever be the most brilliant composer and lyricist of all time, Les Miserables will always bring me to tears as soon as the overture begins, and theatre will continue to be amplified by the musical choices made by it's directors.  … Continue reading Upon Further Reflection


Julie Feeney in DC

Last week I had the pleasure of working with an amazing Irish artist and singer/songwriter composer, Julie Feeney.  She's Fabulous, a truly talented lady with an eye for fashion to rival the most inventive fashionistas.  Now before Julie arrived in DC I did a little reconnaissance, I had heard tell of her fashion forward ways, … Continue reading Julie Feeney in DC

One Last Post on Rwanda I Promise

As it is Friday and I will be moving onto next weeks readings for my IOs class this will be my final post on Rwandan art. I just wanted to do a little follow up on the previous post. I found an article from the Peace Review interviewing Odile Gakire Katese, Arts Director at the … Continue reading One Last Post on Rwanda I Promise