One Last Post on Rwanda I Promise

As it is Friday and I will be moving onto next weeks readings for my IOs class this will be my final post on Rwandan art. I just wanted to do a little follow up on the previous post. I found an article from the Peace Review interviewing Odile Gakire Katese, Arts Director at the Centre Universitaire des Arts at the National University of Rwanda. The article is particularly interesting as a followup because she speaks on art initiatives at the University, specifically regarding experiences of genocide. She explains that the vision of the arts project is to create a “new representation of genocide, to create new memories, new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new relationships.” With the goal of inspiring peace and rehabilitation.

15 years after the genocide, in 2009 the Center had developed 5 major projects to facilitate this mission.

  1. The CD release of a talented Rwandan Musician
  2. A book collection of letters written to the dead by 15 survivors and 15 perpetrators, along with 15 women who would write on behalf of the dead to fill the anbsense.  The writers were asked to share whatever they would like.  The purpose was to create an environment of reconciliation and rehabilitation
  3. A musical and poetic performance that questioned the role of memory in regards to genocide and what types of memory are created 15 years later
  4. The Azimutus Festival- hosting many art forms
  5. A documentary film that would follow these projects and bring to light the role of culture in Rwanda.

Katese emphasized the importance in developing culture and investing in humankind as a means of healing and understanding.

Works Cited:

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Peace Review, 21: 3, 363 — 366
To link to this Article: DOI: 10.1080/10402650903099443


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