The Wisdom of a Kitten

Francy & Neely VSCOcam with se3
Francy & Neely
VSCOcam with se3

Is there anything better than kittens? I think, not. Everything is interesting, everything is new, everything just IS. We could probably learn a thing or two from kittens. For the next two days, I get to play mamma to my dear little niece & nephmeow. They are quick as a whip and (Francy at least) is sharp as a tack. [Cor]Neely[ous] is a bit more confused by this world that he’s found himself in–but aren’t we all, really? They are a gentle reminder to keep life light and not sweat the small stuff.

It’s still the weekend so transitions have yet to fully set in. Tuesday, will be weird. Wednesday, even stranger. But “take it one day at a time” is what everyone keeps telling me. I’m fine right now. The world is full of possibilities–and a little bit of rest. Which, I won’t lie, I’m sort of very much excited about. I can literally do anything! What will I choose? For now, to roll around a play with kittens. Yea, that sounds just right.


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