New Link Category

Hey folks I have added a new link category..."Fashion & Culture" I've been having a lot of discussions lately regarding fashion and started thinking about how fashion really can be art. I followed a comment to "The Multiverse's Blog" (which you can find a link to if you scroll down just a bit further) and … Continue reading New Link Category


Study Study Study my life away

Currently research for a paper on the use of art to form and express identity within translocal and transnational communities. It's a group paper, which is always an experience, but my contribution to the project is dealing with Cuban exile art. What I find interesting is that this particular displaced community has had a unique … Continue reading Study Study Study my life away

Art and Culture

This probably should have been my first post, but I have been doing a little shifting around of blog spaces which has led me to transplant some old blogs onto this new site.  The whole point of this blog is to explore the intersection of the arts and culture.  For those of us not immersed … Continue reading Art and Culture

Marginalized Communities and the Arts

One particularly interesting study conducted Ephrat Huss, who teaches art therapy and art-based research at the University of Israel.  In this study women of the recently settled Bedouin tribe created art in order to express the feelings of isolation and discontent they feel about their new lifestyle.  The process of creating this art allowed these … Continue reading Marginalized Communities and the Arts