The Life of Things

It's strange to be around things that are so very old.  For the majority of my days I live in a modern house, with modern conveniences.  Hot water, weekly massages, air filters to ward off the polluted air, a driver takes me where I need to go, it's all very cushy.  But then I spend … Continue reading The Life of Things

Oh, to Live in a Palace

The Summer Palace, I think this may become my favorite place to visit in Beijing.  It's still winterish here (we got snow last night) so things are just starting to come alive again, but nonetheless the Summer Palace is beautiful.  There was a sort of lonely solitude that accompanied the place.  It's not exactly a … Continue reading Oh, to Live in a Palace

Red Gate Gallery

Red Gate Gallery was on the list of places that I was meant to visit while here in Beijing.  After getting a taste of 798 I wanted to explore the other areas of the city deemed artistic disctricts.  I use that term loosely.  While it has been explained to me that there are many area's … Continue reading Red Gate Gallery

Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven)

Visited the Temple of Heaven after running a few errands, which included picking a few more pieces of jewelry that I'd been waiting on, including this ring with the clouded rubies and emeralds.  I'm usually the kind of girl that goes for a stone with a high clarity, but with this piece the cloudy stones … Continue reading Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven)

Orange Sun

Today I saw the sun, an orange colored hue behind a brown polluted sky At a high school fútbol game I glanced up at the sky momentarily and saw the sun.  Something we don't really get to see very often.  The overcast and snowy day mixed with the brown pollution that seems to settle over the … Continue reading Orange Sun