Orange Sun

Today I saw the sun, an orange colored hue
behind a brown polluted sky

At a high school fútbol game I glanced up at the sky momentarily and saw the sun.  Something we don’t really get to see very often.  The overcast and snowy day mixed with the brown pollution that seems to settle over the city, I was able to catch a glimpse of the sun.  Only moments before I had been thinking to myself that I had yet to find the magic of Beijing.  You know, that dreamy, mysterious quality that you are often met with when you travel to an unfamiliar place.  The thing that makes you say to yourself “I’m really in (insert city here)”  Everything has been so comfortable here that I haven’t found that magic yet.  And then I looked up in the sky and there was the sun.  A perfectly round orange ball up in the sky. I was able to stare at this thing that is the very source of our existence yet eludes us everyday for the simple fact that we cannot actually see it.  Granted the magic that I had found in this moment was the result of massive amounts of pollutants in the air, but the sentiments were the same.  The mysterious wonder is out there, I just have to find it.

I wish I could say I had a picture of this, but I hadn’t brought a bag with me to the fútbol field.  And maybe that’s just as well.  Some things just don’t translate onto film, and in my experience the magnificence of the sun is one of those things.


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