The Great Wall (Revisited)

My Godmother’s niece is in town for the next few weeks, so on Wednesday we went back to the Great Wall.  Remember the first time around… terrifying “gondola” ride up, failed toboggan speed chute down.  I was hoping this time around would go much smoother.  As a seasoned ski lift rider, this jaunt up the mountainside was less tortuous, in part because I had a little more faith in the Chinese workmanship, and also because I had someone who may have been more freaked out than me sitting next to me so I had to play like it wasn’t a big deal.  Mission accomplished.

It was an absolutely beautiful day on The Great Wall.  We walked a little ways, not as far as the first time, but enough.  Took some great photos from the tower.  and the one below, a rare phtoto of your’s truly.

AaaaaaaND…. this time my toboggan actually worked, which means I was going too fast to take a video…success


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