Panjiayuan Market– The Dirt Market

Aah the flea market, is there anything better.  Where else can you find everything you could ever want in one place.  The Panjiayuan Market (Dirt Market) is one such place.  Littered with everything you could ever imagine, from giant statues of buddha, to jade in any form and color, to porcelain vases by the truck load.  Artists are set up in stalls selling everything from traditional calligraphy prints to abstract acrylics.  Amazing, and a little overwhelming to be honest.  I didn’t pick anything up this time, I mostly wanted to look and see what was to see, though I did have one woman beg me to haggle with her over a blue porcelain tea set.  Here all prices are negotiable.

I’m hoping to pick up some jade pieces the next time I go

There was so much to see it was impossible to see it all, we sort of wandering down aisles skipping some and coming back to others.  In the end none of us bought anything, but I think next time I’ll be more prepared.  I think you need an idea of what you are looking for before you go, otherwise you will end up with too much (because you can’t decide) or too little (because you can’t decide).


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