The Art of Packing (Part II)- What to Read

I’m a child of technology, I own a Kindle and an iPad, my iPhone is with me everywhere I go. I have a multitude of ways to read things, whether they be websites, new stories, blogs or Books.  I love my Kindle, its size, weight and ability to store thousands of books.  My iPad is amazing for reading the New Yorker or other magazines, and occasionally when my Kindle needs recharging I turn to the iPad to do a little reading.  But there is nothing that can replace the feeling of your favorite book in your hands, reading the worn pages, reading over and over again the lines that you’ve marked by hand.  I love my books, so trying to decide just which books to bring with me was a tough decision. Of course the beauty of ebooks is that you can pack a bunch of your favorites onto one device they just lose the little bit of personalization that your copy holds.

In the end I decided to bring The Great Gatsby (a book I haven’t read in years but remains one of my favorites), Dear Theo ( a book that has been sitting on my shelf for years waiting to be read), and Green Hills of Africa ( another that I haven’t read yet).  I almost brought Persuasion which is my very favorite Jane Austen, but since I’d just finished reading it again a few months before I decided I could let it go for a few months.

Then came the task of loading up my devices with every other book that I might want to read or reference while I was here.  For me the right word in the right place can make everything else make sense.

I know that I won’t be reading all of these books while I am here, but it’s comforting to know that they are here.  And of course intermixed in the bunch of classics I have a few new books that I’m anticipating reading.


One thought on “The Art of Packing (Part II)- What to Read

  1. I took my ereader with me to Australia for 8 months, but I don’t think I could live without an actual book. Traveling though – they’re amazing.

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