Apple Pear Bread – Gluten Free

This last December I started baking again.  With thesis done and out of the way I had the time to find life in my old hobbies.  I love to bake, ask me what’s for dinner and I will begrudgingly point to the fridge hoping that something will magically make itself, but ask me what’s for desert and I’m in heaven coming up with what to make.  I haven’t done any baking while here in Beijing, but we had some pears that were over-ripened and needed to come up with something to bake them in.  We thought about a variation on apple crisp but we didn’t quite have enough to make it.  So I consulted The Smitten Kitten and found a recipe for Pear Bread, sort of like Banana Bread.  I’d never made it before and really didn’t know how it would turn out, but we had the pears so I went for it.

It turned out delicious.  Most of the family members I’m living with are gluten free so I substituted All-Purpose Flour for a Gluten Free Flour.  What I’ve noticed with the gluten free ingredients is things can come out too dry or doughy sometimes, but this one held up well with the substitute flour.  I think that the juice from the pears counteracted the dryness of the flour.  In any case, it was a huge hit.

Pear Bread recipe @ The Smitten Kitchen


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