The Arts and Everything Else

This has been an interesting, and at times challenging period in my life. Having finished writing my Thesis last December, I decided to take some well earned time off. Time off for me meant traveling, literally, to the other side of the Earth. Exhausted from the bear that is writing, I needed to take some … Continue reading The Arts and Everything Else


Christian Marclay @ The Whitney

I spent the holiday weekend in NYC.  It was perfect, after seeing American Idiot Saturday night we had Sunday and Monday completely free.  Which means we took our time enjoying our surroundings.  Not something typical of New York I know, but we were in a fabulous neighborhood and stayed away from the crazy of Time … Continue reading Christian Marclay @ The Whitney

Such Tweet Sorrow

So I realize I'm a little late to the blogging-about-this-table but in anticipation of next week's cultural policy class topic, which is Integration and Participation in the arts, I would like to take a moment to talk about Such Tweet Sorrow. For those of you who haven't spoken to me in the last week and … Continue reading Such Tweet Sorrow