Everything Has Its Beauty

Sunday the plan was to visit the Lama Temple, home of the tallest Bhudda in the world (Guiness Book of World Records says so).  We were dropped off a block or two from the entrance and opted to walk around the neighborhood first before entering.  The streets were littered with small shops selling gold Bhudda statuettes and huge bundle of incense.

As we veered off down a side street we stumbled upon The Confucius Temple and decide to check it out.  As we entered the complex I was immediately struck by the quietness of the place.  The street just outside was bustling and noisy but in here it was quiet and peaceful.  An ode to the contemplative meditation that must have accompanied the man for which the temple was named.  As we entered the main temple building everything became even more still, if that was possible. Within the protection of this temple the outside world seemed to drift away completely, and what was left was this feeling of complete calm, behind the haunting melody that played out of some hidden speakers.  I snapped a few photos and then let it all just soak in.

*Hidden behind the negative space

The one thing I love about Hipstamatic is the ability to act as though I have a full camera bag within the compact shell of my phone.  Some may say that using a photo app like this one is un-artistic, but I would seriously beg to differ.  With a multitude of lenses, film and flashes the user must not only have comprehensive knowledge of her/his tools, but also how to use them and what combination would enhance the shot the most.  This photo was taken with one of my favorite black and white combination paks The Hornbecker lens with the AO BW film.  The goat and pig statue in front of the offering tables were a white ivory, and this particular exposure did something I’d never seen it do before.  The statues were thrown into a complete and total negative space.  I love this shot (also the flatness of the curtains give it an almost cartoonlike quality).

**The title for this post comes from one of Confucius’ sayings
“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.”


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