Water Dragon

This is the year of the Dragon, more specifically the year of the Water Dragon.  The luckiest of the 12 animals that make up the Chinese zodiac calendar. I chose the perfect time to visit China for the first time.  I’ve been here about 2 weeks and the most touristy thing I’ve done thus far is visit the Ming Tombs.

I spent the first week focused in getting past the jet-lag I was convinced I had avoided upon arrival.  Sleeping through the first night, waking up at 7am with the family I thought I was getting myself right into a routine, until 3pm hit that first afternoon, at which time I was pretty much dead to the world.

My first week here consisted of visiting a few of the markets.  First on the list was the Hong Show or Pearl Market, if you are someone like me who loves a quality set of pearls this is the place for you.

The shops upstairs peddle the best wares, for extremely good prices ( the first 2 floors of stalls are primarily full of designer knock-offs).

Next on the list, was one of the oldest jewelers in Beijing The Shard Box where I had these Ming porcelain earrings made for me ($19).

Look at that Jade
Porcelain earrings

Onward to the Ya Show where the tailors are in the process of making me a few custom silk tops.  All a extremely affordable prices.

This weekend holds many more adventures, I’ll be heading to the 798 District, one of the biggest art districts in th city, and the Great Wall on Sunday.  So I’ve got a full weekend ahead of me.


2 thoughts on “Water Dragon

  1. What an exciting week! I love all the places you mentioned (except The Shard Box which I sure have to visit next time I’m there – love those earrings!!) and I think you’ll have a fantastic time at 798. Some galleries are a little tucked away so keep your eyes open, look up and down for more. I’d say 798 is a place that you’ll wanna go back too. Perhaps add Caochangdi to the list. I don’t know if Panjiayuan (antiques market) is on your list but I highly recommend it. You might not be buying a whole lot but it sure is a lot of fun browsing! Keep us posted about your adventures dear 🙂

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