A Sad Sorry State of Affairs

The poor blog has been so utterly neglected I can really do nothing more than apologize. Neglected not for lack of things to post (over the last month I have been to a fair few exhibitions) and certainly not for a lack of time (I became a complete vegetable during christmas) but perhaps from an inability to collect my thoughts in a way that makes sense in a post. I think also, my life and focuses have been a little all over the place, working my way further and further into the world of fashion, while still attending art exhibitions and parties, and also embarking on thesis research. Originally I had pigeonholed this blog to simply discuss exhibitions I had visited, then I attempted to incorporate my new interest in fashion within the contexts of the arts. But still it seemed there was a disconnect between what I was writing about and what I was doing in my daily life in the world of the arts. What I’ve realized is that I see art in so many things that confining it to within the walls of a museum just isn’t enough. This blog has been a bit of a evolution for me and the way that I define the arts. So the common topics may be changing a bit. But rest assured dear reader that it will still continue to investigate the significance of the arts in our lives. So I hope you all enjoy. And I promise I won’t leave the blog for such a long time again.


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