Formerly Artistic Culture

This has been a while in the works. I was never fully satisfied with the blogs previous name, Artistic Culture. It made sense, to an extent, for what I was trying to accomplish but it never felt quite right. As this blog has evolved and come to include more than your traditional definition of arts and culture, it follows that the name should change as well. Luckily this blog is still in a place where I have the flexibility to change the name and still maintain it’s integrity. So hence forth the blog will be called “Creating Space.”

Thanks to the graciousness of Virginia artist Kim Rodeffer who held the blog title Creating Space for previously maintained blog.  She has allowed me to take over the name for the purposes of my own blogging space, as she has moved onto another blog entitled Creative Influences.

I think that this will allow the blog to encompass a wide range of topics while still maintaining the overarching themes of art and cultural contexts. I’m much more fond of the name “Creating Space” as I have become much more immersed in this idea of creating the space in which we live, work, and play.

Here in DC the name of the art scene game is quickly shifting and focusing on creating, or transforming environments through artistic endeavors. It’s just an exciting time to be living here and I want this blog to reflect that as much as I feel it.

So I hope you all enjoy the change, Over the next few months the blog will also be receiving a much needed facelift, but I am still experimenting my way through CSS coding and haven’t quite developed something that I love yet. So until then, keep coming back, enjoy the posts and look forward to the ever expanding creation of my little blogging space.


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