got the fashion bug, or something like it

I’ve lately been in the process of kind of reinventing my style.  I finally figured out what works for me and I’m embracing it full force.  It’s got me thinking about the world of fashion.  It seems to me that today its more about following your own style than the style of the era, as it was in the past.  I have realized that for me 40s and 50s inspired clothing fits my body better, and just makes me feel good.

Everyone I know has a style that suits them and we are all different.  I remember being in middle school when everyone was harkening back to the days of the 60s, and then the 70s and now perhaps 80s inspired.  Yet I see more uniqueness while walking around this city than I do conformity.  We are all evolving and so is fashion.

I have also noticed that “high” fashion is becoming much more wearable.  Now I’m not saying I would walk down the street in these Oscar de la Renta’s but I would surely wear them to an event.  Gone are the days of unwearable pieces that only make sense on a runway.

So tomorrow I will be launching a new segment.  It will either be a monday installment entitled Material Monday, or a friday installment called Fashion Friday.  Not sure yet, but I think mondays will be the best for it.  It will view fashion from a cultural perspective most often, though I am sure there will be the occasional post that deviates from that and simply looks at the fabrics and garments.  I’m hoping that this will become a much loved segment.  We shall see!


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