Here you will find excerpts from various papers I have written.  If you would like to use the writings for research please contact me at creatingspacedc@gmail.com.  Thank you

Australian Aboriginal and Native American Cultural Heritage Protection

Within the context of Australian policy Aboriginal peoples utilize copyright law as a major tool for protecting cultural heritage.  Aboriginal arts’ place in the modern art market subjects it to more opportunities for misuse and misappropriation.  Copyright, however, could not be utilized without the cultural recognition established through heritage laws in the country.  In the case of United States policy regarding indigenous native peoples, the legislation most often utilized are the heritage laws.  Native American material culture does not reside within modern art market in the same way as contemporary Aboriginal art does.  They are kept within native communities or placed in museums for educational purposes.  Contemporary Native American artists do not face the same exposure as Aboriginal artists.  This is not to say that there is not the capability for misuse of Native culture, but the majority of cases deal in antiquities and traditional property.

Native Voice:  How NAGPRA and The National Museum of the American Indian empower Native American Culture


The arts offer marginalized communities a source of empowerment and a non-verbal mode of discourse through which to express and explain the realities of their world.  In recent years Native Americans have been at the forefront of cultural rights legislations.  Through NAGPRA native groups have been given more control over their cultural resources then ever before.  The National Museum of the American Indian works with indigenous peoples in order to establish a center focused on native voice and expertise.  Through collaboration, repatriation and reflection native communities can become empowered to take control of their heritage, be recognized as experts of culture, and revitalize cultural customs.

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