Marginalized Communities and the Arts

One particularly interesting study conducted Ephrat Huss, who teaches art therapy and art-based research at the University of Israel.  In this study women of the recently settled Bedouin tribe created art in order to express the feelings of isolation and discontent they feel about their new lifestyle.  The process of creating this art allowed these women to not only express what their feelings but to also realize solutions to their current situations.

While the art that was conducted remained with these women ( it was not used in a public context) it seems that this form of art could initiate movements of social change within communities by bringing awareness to these problems.  Art allows us to critically examine the social realities we experience, it brings awareness to injustices and inequities within society.  This, of course, is not a new concept, art is constantly used within social movements.

What if we implemented this practice in marginalized communities around the world?  Would it help in the success of social movements or would it simply be pushed to the side as unimportant.  Art can be an effective tool for educating people about the disparities in the world.


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